Bron: Port of Amsterdam

Port of Amsterdam wants to keep the port area and especially the river cruise terminals free of social exploitation. Therefore we want to inform you that Nautilus International will visit your ships in Amsterdam in the coming weeks. We support their work and share their information via this River cruise bulletin:

“Nautilus International is a transnational nautical trade union. Together with affiliates within the European Transport Workers Federation we want to improve the working conditions especially in the booming river cruise industry with about more than 16 000 employees – both horeca and nautical staff – working on European rivers.

The working conditions on those hotel ships are often very poor: Low wages, unpaid overtime and many other problems need to be solved.

Many companies in the river cruise sector are located in Switzerland, providing Swiss employment contracts. That is the reason why colleagues from Nautilus Switzerland in Basel are busy in talking to crew members all over the European river ports, including Amsterdam. The union staff members ask them about their problems at work and try to solve problems. Nautilus therefore gets in touch with the employer relying on a good relationship with many of them.

Unfortunately Nautilus sometimes has to take legal steps and represent their members in front of the labour court. Sometimes Nautilus are informing the media about particularly severe problems with some employers, as seen on this photo in Arnhem this July.”